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Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage II

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Bruno Costa


Abstra develops tools that enable software builders to move faster. From Python scripts powering critical internal processes to no code webapps deployed in production.

The solution was born from a paradox: application development is simple and repetitive for more experienced devs (same problems and patterns) and, at the same time, there is a lot of demand for these solutions, due to the lack of professionals.

Bruno noticed in his old job how dependent companies are on developers for lack of more accessible tools. For many problems, the availability of better abstractions would suffice. He decided to tackle this problem and create development tools within his old company. The project ended up not gaining approval and he decided to implement it in his spare time. He ended up getting so passionate about the challenge that he decided to resign to dedicate fully to the project.

Bruno created Abstra in 2020 and spent the rest of the year developing the base technology with some beta clients. In 2021, they started to get the fit between the product and the market and decided to set up a seed round.


Founders Trajectory

Born in Marabá – PA, Bruno owns a Bachelor’s Degree in computer engineering from the Military Institute of Engineering. He started coding at 7 years old and co-founded his first company at 17, a game studio focused on advergames called Sinextra, where he worked from game design, animation, script and coding. Later, he was co-founder and CTO of edtech PaperX, an exercise-based competition preparation platform, which he sold during college to Descomplica.

Within Descomplica he started the technology front of assessments, schools, undergraduate and graduate projects, acting both as product manager and tech-lead. He is the typical video game/science/computer/comic book nerd. He’s also an AI and computer graphics enthusiast. He likes playing different instruments, digital illustration, and almost every kind of creative activity.

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