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An online to offline sports community.


Business Model






São Paulo – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage II

ipo_companie_logoArtboard 1.png

Rodolphe Timsit, Alexandre Delepau


Almost 33% of Brazilians practice sports and physical activities as entertainment and experience the pain of organizing sports that involves many players. Through technology, Appito is reinventing this industry, creating the largest online sports community in Brazil and connecting it to its own branded offline facilities. The idea is to combine the high service of the offline experience with an App that helps customers to have a gamified experience, which offers the possibility to schedule games and make player rankings. The sportstech aims to implement an artificial intelligence system connected to cameras that capture and analyze data to enable players to have a report on their performance such as the number of shots an athlete has taken on goal, number of assists, distance covered on the field, etc.


Founders Trajectory

Appito’s French founders, Rodolphe Timsit and Alexandre Delepau, have a background in economics and finance. Both have worked in investment banks, such as JP Morgan and BNP Paribas in Europe. They’ve met in Brazil through the french circle and experienced a problem as amateur football players in the country, since most facilities for scheduling sports events in Brazil are crumbling, fragmented and offer a poor experience to their customers. When Rodolphe and Alexandre quickly realized they weren’t the only ones with this problem, the opportunity to undertake in this market appeared.

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