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Tech for bus transportation


Business Model






São Paulo – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage II

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Marcelo Abritta, Marcelo Vasconcellos


Buser concept was born in November 2016, when Marcelo Abritta needed to organize a trip for his family to attend his wedding. To his surprise, chartering a 48-seater bus to take only 30 people was cheaper than buying 30 round-trip tickets from the only company that operates the route. With that in mind, Marcelo teamed up with Marcelo Vasconcellos, started working on the project and were surprised that they could achieve up to 60% savings on tickets.

Buser started operating in 2018 and today provides a technology platform for bus transportation: network planning, pricing, marketing, booking & support. Buser sub-contract hundreds of small, family run, zero overhead operating partners and they compete to serve customers. Ticket prices on Buser website and app are on average 50% lower vs. incumbents. Buser operating partners benefit from having higher utilization of their resources and new revenue streams.


Founders Trajectory

Marcelo Abritta, Buser’s CEO, is an Aeronautical Engineer from ITA, worked in consultancies and banks, founded FofoStore before founding Buser in 2018.

Marcelo Vasconcellos is an Economist from UFMG. Worked at banks and for 10 years was manager at Sonar Investimentos.

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