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Payroll loan marketplace


Business Model






Brasília – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage II

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Fabricio Buzeto, Gustavo Gorenstein, Roberto Braga


BXBlue was born in 2016 to fix a problem: access to payroll secured loans in an online, transparent manner. In early 2017, a marketplace to help users compare, choose and get payroll loans online launched and got immediately accepted to Y Combinator.

Public Services Payroll Loans represent more than 50% of the personal loans market in Brazil with a total market size (measured by outstanding loans) of some USD 80 billion. Borrowers still borrow via brokers who charge large spreads on the deals given the manual process involved in reading a client's statements, performing checks and securing the loan from a bank.

BXBlue is automating the entire process to offer consumers a truly end to end digital seamless, quick and cheaper borrowing experience. BXBlue is the first national case of Bank of Brazil’s open banking initiative to partner up with fintechs, and in 2018 BXBlue and Bank of Brazil’s APIs connected.


Founders Trajectory

The three founders met at a startup event, in 2012, hosted and organized by Roberto Braga. Gustavo was back from his Master’s Degree in London and volunteered for the event, while Fabricio was one of the keynote speakers. The three founders became friends, while each one had their startup.

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