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Hack your way to mastery in complex topics


Business Model






Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage II

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Felipe Jordão , Felipe Bernardes, Thiago Brandão


Founded in late 2018, Classpert’s mission is to enable millions of learners to achieve intellectual autonomy by helping them develop solid first-principles reasoning and ability to think critically so they become visionary innovators and inspiring leaders. The upskilling market is poorly served and resources today for effectively learning complex topics are not readily available, due to challenges in self-directed learning, lack of quality in online courses, outdated learning methodologies and more.

Classpert has developed top-tier upskilling programs that provide an all-inclusive educational experience, where people can learn from and alongside the best in the field, through project-based learning, world-class instructors and high quality class materials.


Founders Trajectory

The founders of Classpert are Felipe Jordão, Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Dresden, Germany and a Bachelor’s Degree in Control and Automation Engineering from the Federal Engineering School of Itajubá. He started his professional career in the world of electronics and robotics, passing through companies such as Denso Robotics and NXP Semiconductors, but in 2007 he fell in love with the world of the internet where he remains today developing web applications, “for profit” and “for fun”. In Brazil, he was CTO for startups like Olook and Lemoney. He is an applied disciple of the “DIY” philosophy for almost everything in life and as a good geek his hobbies are: robotics, electronics and computers, besides being an enthusiast of ancient and medieval history.

Felipe Bernardes graduated in Economics from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He began his professional career in the financial market, working in companies such as XP Investimentos. In 2013, after being certified as an investment portfolio manager by CVM and ANBIMA, he founded the asset manager B&Z Global Strategies – focused on managing quant funds. He was CMO for startup Lemoney and is a co-founder of Classpert. His hobbies are music and surfing.

And Thiago Brandão graduated in Computer Engineering from Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (2010) and founder of one of the largest education marketplaces in Latin America, Quero Educação (YC 2016). In addition to being a continuing education enthusiast, his interests include: self-improvement, nutrition, Japan and queer culture.

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