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Compra Rápida

1-click checkout


Business Model






São Paulo – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage II

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Mario Marcoccia, Leandro Cortiz


About three out of four Brazilian customers give up buying a product online when their cart is already filled. Either because they are too lazy to inform their data or simply because they no longer want the item. Compra Rápida comes as a payment platform that seeks to eliminate most of this process for online retailing. It allows anyone to purchase online in any store with just 1-click, without registrations, leveraging stores’ conversion rates and boosting their sales. For customers, it delivers a much faster experience. You will never want to register on any website again.

The company was founded in 2021, during the e-commerce boom in the pandemic. The idea came from the experience of another co-founder, Rafael Gibelli, when he was a product manager at large foodtech and had the challenge of leading the checkout restructuring process. At the time, he realized that with a few adjustments at the time of closing the purchase, the difference in conversion was significant.


Founders Trajectory

Mário Marcoccia found that he belonged in entrepreneurship at a very young age, while working with his grandfather in the tapestry business. He has graduated as an engineer at POLI-USP and worked in sales and management consultancy after that. Mário has practiced Judo most of his life and is passionate about sports in general, such as surfing and biking.

Leandro Cortiz is passionate about technology and is Compra Rápida CTO. He also led Riachuelo's mobile checkout implementation, was a tech lead at EY innovation labs and uFund’s CTO. Having sold his first company in 2016.

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