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Marketplace for small pharmacies


Business Model





SaaS, Transactional

São Paulo – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage II

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Miriam Sayuri Yokoyama Retz, Renato Hiroaki Tano


During Miriam and Renato’s careers, they’ve helped several large and medium companies with their most significant challenges - from growth to efficiency and capital raising. Miriam came from a family of small business entrepreneurs, where she saw the huge gap between both worlds: data, technology and capital. SMBs don't have time, money or skills to compete against large businesses. And that is exactly what Covalenty wants to change.

Small pharmacies dominate Brazilian pharma retail - 90% of the 90k pharmacies are SMBs which struggle to compete with large chains. The company aims to be a One Stop Shop solution to empower small and medium pharmacies in Brazil to run as a large chain, starting with the most critical problem - procurement. Covalenty is building a SaaS-enabled B2B marketplace, connecting small pharmacies to suppliers, offering better prices and terms.


Founders Trajectory

Miriam and Renato are both computer engineers from POLI-USP, where they met in 2003. Before Covalenty, they built another startup together - EasyDeco, a B2B2C marketplace for home&decor. Previously, Miriam had experience in management consulting, M&A/PrivateEquity in companies such as Bain & Company and Patria Investimentos. She holds an MBA degree from Columbia and enjoys traveling and discovering new cultures and experiences.

Renato was a partner for 11 years at Taqtile, a leading mobile software company, which he helped grow from 5 to 80 people. It provided solutions for prominent clients, such as Microsoft, Starbucks, and Stanford in the US and Via, EMS, Merck, RaiaDrogasil and Netshoes in Brazil. Also, Renato enjoys practicing sports.

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