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Forming new tech-leads


Business Model






São Paulo – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage II

ipo_companie_logoArtboard 1.png

Paulo Monteiro, Michel Nigri, Pedro Barros


Despite loving education and having studied at one of the best engineering schools in Brazil, Driven founders hated the college experience. They always had a motivation to one day create the college they wanted to go to. They started with Responde Aí, a study platform for university students. In 6 years they took the platform to 25,000 students, with R$10 million in revenue, profitable and doubling every year.

Now they created Driven, a training school for technology. The model starts focused on Responde Aí base students, who have strong analytical skills and already trust the brand.

Paulo, Michel and Pedro want Driven to be the best school for “Digital Engineers” (data scientists, developers, product managers, etc) in Latin America.


Founders Trajectory

Paulo is a Production Engineer at UFRJ and lived for 2 years in France and China. Michel also owns a Master’s Degree in Production Engineering at UFRJ and has 12 years of experience as an educator and teacher. Pedro has 15 years of programming experience and over 2,000 hours of developer training.

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