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Independent retail purchasing center


Business Model






São Paulo – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage II

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Rodrigo Cruz, Bruno Passos, Guilherme Cruz


Rodrigo Cruz, Gonddo’s CEO, comes from a family that has always been involved in the cosmetic retail chain. His parents had two stores in downtown Porto Velho that went bankrupt, after that they became commercial representatives and recently opened a small wholesale distributor of cosmetics, food and essential products. The Gonddo’s concept has been with Rodrigo for years.


Founders Trajectory

Rodrigo Cruz is an economist from Unicamp, born in Porto Velho – RO. He worked at Itaú Asset Management, Bank of America Merrill Lynch as a stock analyst in the retail sector and at startup Facily, a social commerce marketplace. Rodrigo loves sports, visiting new places and spending time with family and his dog, Spike.

Bruno Passos is mechanical engineer from FEI, born in João Pessoa – PB, but raised in Campinas. After graduation he decided that wanted to work as a developer and worked at Locaweb and Creditas. He is passionate about motorsport, coffee and specialty beers.

Guilherme Cruz is a computer engineer from UNIVEM and with a Master’s Degree in Machine Learning from UFSCar, born in Marília – SP, married and with a daughter, Ana, who is the same age as Gonddo. Guilherme is also a musician and has a blues band and jazz (Susie Blue).

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