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Investment management platform.


Business Model






São Paulo – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage II

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Guilherme Assis, Robinson Dantas, Leo Kalim


Gorila Technology was founded with the mission to empower RIAs and Financial Consultants (Family Offices and Allocators) to better serve their clients. Gorila takes the form of an online platform that allows the RIA (or the final client himself) to book or read (via API integration) more than 3000 different investments and consolidate a portfolio view, detailing returns and risks in a simple and rich visual way. Gorila Platform is free for the ultimate client and is paid on SaaS fashion to RIAs and Financial Consultants.


Founders Trajectory

Gorila was founded by Guilherme Assis, Robinson Dantas and Leo Kalim. The three founders met a long time ago while pursuing similar careers at international banks such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. Their mission with the creation of Gorila is to empower the investor and the investment professional. Guilherme is Gorila’s CEO and founder of Iporanga Investimentos (an asset management and tech investor). Before that Guilherme worked for Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs in São Paulo and New York. Guilherme holds a BA in Production Engineering from POLI-USP and a Masters in Mathematical Modelling from IME-USP.

Prior to Gorila, Robinson Dantas worked for Morgan Stanley in the equities division and was a partner at Iporanga Investimentos. Robinson holds a BA in Electrical Engineering from POLI-USP.

Leo Kalim is Gorila’s CFO and also founder of Iporanga. Prior to that, he worked for Goldman Sachs and was EM portfolio manager at independent hedge funds and some of the largest Brazilian asset managers (Unibanco, HSBC, BankBoston). Leo holds a BA in Economics from USP and an MBA from MIT.

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