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Digital presence for lawyers


Business Model






São Paulo – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage II

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Roberto Lifschitz


A few years ago, Roberto Lifschitz, founder of Justamente, had a problem with a service provider. The process of pursuing his rights was extremely painful and expensive, which led him to conceive VoeTranquilo, a platform that operates in all sectors of consumer relations, seeking to help consumers to enforce their rights quickly and less costly (the client only pays if he wins the case). From this close relationship with the lawyers, Roberto and the team began to understand the main pain points of this stakeholder. A professional without a digital presence, who did not have the necessary tools to attract clients and manage his appointments. It was from this idea that Justamente emerged, with the aim of bringing Brazilian Lawyers into the 21st century. In 5 minutes, the lawyer sets up his website and begins to grow his active client base, increasing his visibility in compliance with the Brazilian Bar (OAB).


Founders Trajectory

Roberto Lifschitz started his career in investment banking (Brascan) as an intern, staying for 2 years and then got into entrepreneurship . In 2004 co-founded Dieta e Saúde and in 2006 Minha Vida. In 2009 became Endeavor entrepreneur. In 2015 co-founded Best Berry and in 2018 Voe Tranquilo. More than 15 years of professional experience in the development of marketing strategies and product management. Specialized in digital, social marketing, brand building, product development and launch, and team and process management. Passionate about technology, numbers, poker and animals. Roberto is very curious, likes to read, and goes after what doesn’t know to understand how things work.

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