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LATAM Crypto-as-a-Service


Business Model






Bogotá – Colombia

Iporanga Early Stage II

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Felipe Montes, Juliana Montes


Felipe and Juliana believe that crypto is still mostly a luxury for the majority of users in developed countries. However, crypto and Web3 services have the potential to impact the life of most people in Latin America given the high internet access and smartphone use, combined with the macro and political situation of many of the region’s countries, as well as the poor access to fair financial services.

Kravata is an infrastructure company that aims to make Web3 simple for all. The company offers a crypto-as-a-service solution that enables, through its API infrastructure, LATAM businesses to access digital assets from local currency in a safe, economical and agile way, all while being compliant with local laws. Its solution allows people and businesses in Latin America to take full advantage of the potential of decentralized finance and Web3.


Founders Trajectory

Felipe and Juliana are siblings and are both engineers. They’ve been co-founders for 4 years in a previous successful crypto-arbitrage business throughout Latin America. Felipe, Kravata’s CEO, has been a crypto-investor for more than 10 years. Since 2016, he has been an Associate professor in Engineering and Head of Data Analytics MS at Uniandes. Felipe has also founded Executive Analytics Consulting, a company that aims to transform data to value for organizations, and in 2014-2015 he held a position in the public sector as Director for Quality Assurance of Higher education and Vice-minister for higher education (ad-interim) at the Ministry of Education of Colombia, where he implemented multidimensional data driven models and information systems. Felipe holds a MSc and a PhD in engineering with emphasis in Complex Systems and Network Science.

Juliana, Kravata’s COO, has worked as a senior sales consultant for large scale civil engineering projects, working at the top construction companies in Colombia for over 10 years. Prior to that, she was part of the procurement and acquisition team of major civil infrastructure projects. Juliana is also part owner of a company that focuses on cyber security for banks.

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