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Last mile logistics


Business Model






São Paulo – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage

ipo_companie_logoArtboard 1.png

Arthur Debert Ribeirom, Fabien Pierre Francois Mendez


Loggi was founded in 2013 when Fabien Mendez and Arthur Ribero realized that delivery services had low quality and were very inefficient. Understanding the sheer size of the opportunity in food, documents and ecommerce delivery, Loggi was incorporated. At Iporanga we knew that the last mile opportunity was very large and when we met with Fabien, it wasn’t hard to figure we would invest in the opportunity. It was sometimes challenging to invest at that stage yes, on the powerpoint. Well after our investment the company took off and several other rounds came along and we participated in most of them. Little people know this fact. Today the company is a well known success case of a Brazilian technology company tackling a Brazilian large problem proving the thesis that Brazil can create great and large companies. Loggi is connecting the whole country operating distribution centers and delivering its service with a fleet of third party independent couriers strengthening the local collaborative economy. The company operates today in 4,000 cities. The sound success of Loggi’ s operation attracted many global investors, reaching the unicorn status in 2019. The latest round was in 2021 and valued the company in $2 billion. Congratulations to all the Loggers for another great milestone.


Founders Trajectory

Fabien is a second time entrepreneur and prior to Loggi Fabien founded an Uber like service of black cars called GoJames. Fabien’s academic background is in economics and law with a Masters in Finance. Prior to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Fabien worked at JPMorgan and BNP Paribas.

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