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Payment automation


Business Model






São Paulo – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage II

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José Guilherme Costa


José Guilherme would daily spend around 45 minutes processing payments for his father’s business. The waste of time and the lack of efficiency in the process intrigued him, who sought to understand who else suffered the same pain as him. From that he started in his own background, applying a payment automation solution to agribusinesses. As the pain became evermore clear, José extended the solution to all businesses of the traditional economy. With a fully automated process, entrepreneurs can access the solution both through whatsapp or the web platform, and can process hundreds of Boletos, PIXs and DARFs within seconds. Beyond simply automating the process, Pagô provides the customer with a fully customized intelligence report that provides the entrepreneur the business intelligence he needs to better manage his business.


Founders Trajectory

Entrepreneurship came into José’s life as a way of sharing the opportunities he had with others. While still in high school, José founded Knowledge Spread as a way of combating the education inequality in the Amazon Forest. For his success in Knowledge Spread, José received the first honorable mention of the Miami Herald’s Business Silver Knight. After high school he joined Babson College, where his passion for entrepreneurship grew exponentially. José returned to Brazil and started his first business before Pagô - a peer-to-peer microloan platform for women entrepreneurs.

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