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B2B marketplace for restaurants


Business Model






Recife – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage II

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Samuel Carvalho


Praso is a distribution platform for food service SMBs in Brazil. The company is based in Recife, PE, and serves thousands of merchants across the Northeast.

The idea arose when Samuel worked at Stone. Meeting SMBs across Brazil, he saw how their sales had moved quickly online over the last few years, while purchasing remained notably untapped. Praso was born to address this opportunity and, through a simple digital platform, simplifies the procurement of 1,500+ SKUs from over 120 suppliers.

The company's mission is to give small merchants the unfair advantages they need to succeed. Procurement is just the first step in this journey. The purchasing platform enables Praso to understand merchant behavior and, over time, the company will offer added services to SMBs, such as working capital and management software.


Founders Trajectory

Praso was founded by Samuel. He was born in Recife, Brazil into a 100-year-old family business. Interested in entrepreneurship from a young age, Samuel received a scholarship from Fundação Estudar to attend Stanford but ended up dropping out of undergrad to work at Stone. There, he interacted with SMBs across Brazil and decided to start Praso to digitize and simplify their procurement experience. In his free time, Samuel likes to cook, run, and read about philosophy.

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