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Prota Games

Media and game studio


Business Model






São Paulo – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage II

ipo_companie_logoArtboard 1.png

Santiago Blanco Gonzalez, Paulo Rizzo Junior, Lucas Machado


Prota Games is a mobile games and mediatech startup. The company uses AI to create viral videos for Tiktok and Youtube to promote mobile games. With more than 100 channels in multiple languages and +1 billion organic videos watched per month, the company can generate downloads for game apps for less than US$0,01.


Founders Trajectory

Santiago was an enthusiast of games long before college. He started his career in Venture Capital where he had the opportunity to analyze the sector again but with an investor perspective. He then knew Paulo, a lawyer with entrepreneurial experience and complementary values and skills. Together they were able to to reach 10 million unique users with their video content business. Lucas, a software engineer with prolific experience in gaming, came after that to help build Heroes of Metaverse - a game with a tokenized economy that seeks to combine gameplay with the ownership concept of Web3 through rewards in NFTs, launched by Prota in 2022 - one an obvious choice considering his technical and entrepreneurial skills.

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