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Quero Educação

Redefine access to education


Business Model






São José dos Campos – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage I

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Bernardo Pádua, Renata Rebocho


Quero Educação was founded in 2010 in the city of São José dos Campos, in the interior of São Paulo and today is one of the biggest startup edtech (technology for education) in Brazil. The company’s mission is to bring education to more people, helping them to choose and enter the right course, at a price they can afford and with great ease and transparency.

Quero Educação is an educational marketing platform that develops solutions to help schools capture and retain their students. The great differential is to put the student as protagonist, a value that is reflected in both the relationship and the usability of the platform. The student who enters the Quero Bolsa chooses the university and the course they want with the scholarship that fits in their pocket.

The values ​​of the scholarships are updated in real time according to the idleness of universities’ vacancies, in a pricing model similar to that of the airlines. To enroll with a scholarship, the student pays the first monthly fee for the Quero Bolsa. From the second onwards, the value goes straight to the university. In this way, the revenue comes from who most benefits from the product.


Founders Trajectory

Bernardo de Pádua, 36, is an engineer from ITA, CEO and co-founder of Quero Educação. Still in college, he developed a virtual directory for alumni: ITA-Alumni.

Since the start of Rede-Alumni and over pivots and iterations Quero Educação was formed. Bernardo is also part time computer science professor, a great enthusiast of entrepreneurship and is also on the advisory board of Iporanga Ventures.

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