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Credit scoring for mortgages made simple


Business Model




Real Estate


São Paulo – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage II

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Rafael Sasso


RisKnow provides a single solution for all stages of a customer's credit journey for real estate businesses, bringing intelligence and assertiveness for mortgage credit underwriting and origination. Companies are capable of assessing their clients' profile & risk in a quick, automatic and 24/7 analysis, by using market data, risk indicators and monitoring customers’ financial behavior until the end of the contract, reducing risks of default, cancellations etc. The platform was developed exclusively for the specificities of the real estate market and uses data science and AI to bring cost reduction and high precision in the management of the clients’ portfolio.


Founders Trajectory

Rafael Sasso is an expert in mortgage financing in Brazil and has 15 years of experience in real estate financing & capital markets. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from FEA-USP and at the age of 15 he founded his first business. Sasso professionally started his career in the capital market, but shortly founded one of the first mortgage marketplaces in Brazil, Melhortaxa, in 2013. Few years later, Melhortaxa led him to create RiskNow.

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