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Stark Bank

Banking for tech companies


Business Model






São Paulo – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage II

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Rafael Stark


Stark Bank is the Corporate Bank with efficient, scalable and simple financial products and services for companies that believe in the power of technology as a transformation tool. The bank was founded by Rafael Stark in 2018, with the mission to simplify and automate banking transactions through technology in Brazil.

It’s the first Brazilian company that offers an API, Excel, Google Sheets, Web Banking for companies to manage a high volume of payments in seconds. Stark Bank meets the needs of startups and medium to large companies across diverse industries. Stark Bank simplified its customers' operations with the best financial technology so that you have more time to focus on scaling your business.


Founders Trajectory

Rafael Stark, Founder and CEO, is part of a generation that was born using technology in his life. Unhappy with the bunch of manual processes at the traditional banking system, he founded the Stark Bank to simplify processes and eliminate financial bottlenecks through technology. Rafael’s concept emerges from a combination of spotting a big problem of the financial market – manual process, payments erros, fraud, money laundry – with his entrepreneurial mind and non-conformism, he created Stark Bank, a banking API capable of processes, automatically, an high volume of payments, defeating slowness and human frauds, switching an old technology available since years of 90 that was inefficient, archaic, slowly, and open to fraud.

Rafael Stark is an engineer graduated from ITA, developer and serial entrepreneur from Stanford’s Technology Entrepreneurship course. Entrepreneur since he was 16 years old, Rafael loves to solve business problems through technology.

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