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Patients' records and communication platform


Business Model






São Paulo – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage II

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Luis Henrique Albinati Junior, Danilo Garcia Gaspar


One of the biggest barriers for the evolution of the health sector is the difficulty to access clinical data records. Inefficiency in data management is a reality in hospitals and clinics. Most datas are on paper, spread across clinics and hospitals, or inside servers and excel spreadsheets. This way, patients can’t have a quality service and end up without their own data. With the purpose to end inefficiency in health data management, increase people’s engagement with health and optimize patient experience, Luis Albinati and Danilo Gaspar created Vitalicia. The company is a communication platform in which users can store all their medical history with a guarantee of privacy and in compliance with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) and can also share their information with healthcare professionals or family members. In just two months, the platform had more than 30,000 users and allowed patients to interact with doctors and store exams’ history and appointments.


Founders Trajectory

Danilo graduated in Business Administration at Insper and has a postgraduate degree in Business Management. Being passionate about astronomy and technology, Danilo has always been an early adopter of innovations and has also previously worked at Hospital Albert Einstein’s Corporate Venture, Grupo Votorantim and Banco Original. Luis is an engineer with a specialization in entrepreneurship from Stanford and has already served on several technology companies’ boards. He has worked with software development for 12 years and with sales and partnerships for other 8 years in great tech companies such as: Red Hat, IBM, Oracle and Microsoft.

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