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Simplified corporate mobility


Business Model






Belo Horizonte – Brazil

Iporanga Early Stage II

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Luciano Brandão, Eduardo Vasconcellos


VOLL was founded in 2017 by Luciano Brandão (CEO), Eduardo Vasconcellos (CFO), Jordana Souza (CRO) and Luiz Moura (CMO) and currently has 40 employees located in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Florianópolis and other cities in Brazil.

VOLL is a complete technology for corporate travel and mobility management, specially designed to simplify processes, optimize costs and facilitate the mobility of employees of medium and large companies. As the largest and most innovative platform in its segment, VOLL is a reference in simplified corporate mobility. Its technology allows companies, in a customized way and based on their need for mobility management and operation, to provide their employees with a single application to make, monitor and manage their travel or commuting needs.


Founders Trajectory

Luciano Brandão, is from Belo Horizonte and passionate about traveling and seeing the world. In 2008 he founded BTM, a corporate travel agency that went from 0 to R$ 300M revenue in 2019, with 140 employees and consolidated among the main TMC in the Brazilian market. At the end of 2018, Luciano left the role of CEO of BTM to run VOLL and to the dream of creating a truly end-to-end solution for corporate travelers.

Eduardo Vasconcellos, BA Business Administration and specialist with an MBA in Business Management from FGV, has worked in several segments. Started his career in the financial markets, then went through the national fleet management of Localiza Hertz and in 2008 he founded BTM, where he played the role as CFO and then he founded VOLL also being the CFO.

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