Our journey started a while back around the year 2009. That year we launched Iporanga as a more traditional asset management business running a Macro Fund (that we still manage).

Throughout the years we saw an opportunity to operate an arbitrage in the liquid markets and decided to hire developers to help us modeling and implementing our algorithmic trading and risk systems. At some point, we were outnumbered by over 15 developers working in the house and changing our culture and the way we saw the world for good.

Technology companies were booming again and we decided to follow that trend more closely. The year was 2011 and we came across a little company called Quero Educação, from São José dos Campos/SP. We ended up investing in them nearly on the powerpoint and helping the founders grow into one of the largest technology companies in the Education sector.

In 2013 we invested in another icon of the Brazilian technology sector, this time in the logistics sector. We met with Fabien Mendez for dinner in Rio and on the same night we knew we would back that guy. Done, deal. Loggi is today one of the largest operators of last-mile logistics in Brazil with a valuation of over $1 billion and growing 50% year on year.

In January 2018 Leonardo Teixeira joins Iporanga to build the Venture Capital platform rebranding the firm to Iporanga Ventures. Leonardo Teixeira brings an extensive network and experience investing with angels from 2013 until 2018 amassed over nearly 20 investments in technology companies from various sectors such as Olist, Netshow.Me, Linte, BxBlue, Back4App, Retail Lab just to quote a few.