Consulta do Bem

Carlos Ballarati
Marcus Vinicius Gimenes
Rafael Morgado


Founding Date:


São Paulo, São Paulo


Business Model:
SaaS, Marketplace

Investment Year:


Not Active

General Partner:
Leonardo Teixeira


Consulta do Bem was founded in 2015 aiming the 75% of Brazilian people who has no health insurance coverage. The solution was a marketplace focused on affordable medical visits, initially directed to consumer and further on transformed into a subscription service for companies.

During this period, the company managed to have over 3.500 healthcare providers of more than 60 specialties on its portfolio (like clinics, labs and hospitals) that were accessed by over 30.000 users.

Despite an initial good acceptance of the product by the corporate market, there was a lower than expected use rate by the companies employees witch led to very high churn rate. After analysing the results, investors and entrepreneurs decided that the product was not viable, finishing company’s operations on December 2018.


Pior to founding Consulta do Bem, Marcus Vinicius Gimenes and Rafael Seixas Morgado had many different roles in different markets.

Marcus founded a company called MyDoctors in 2013, an EHR end EMR software for healthcare professionals and patients to communicate to each other, whose evolution led to the creation of Consulta do Bem. Marcus graduated from medical school in 2007 and Cardiovascular Surgery in 2014 from Federal University of Sao Paulo (UNIFESP-EPM). In his spare time, Marcus still loves to perform surgeries and attend the families of his company’s employees for free.

Rafael, on his turn, is an economist graduated from Sao Paulo University (USP) with over 15 years of proven experience in treasury/lease/customer financing in a banking and industry environment with practical experience in credit risk assessment, FX impacts and deal structuring. Having worked and studied in the Americas and Europe, Rafael led the Project Finance Team of Philips Healthtech in Spanic Latam until April 2015, when he shifted his career to startup environment.

Carlos Ballarati

Marcus Vinicius Gimenes

Rafael Morgado