Pedro Henrique Sanzovo
Pearson Henri

Founding Date:


Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

Cybersecurity, Anti-fraud ecommerce

Business Model:
SaaS, Transactional

Investment Year:

Iporanga Early Stage II


General Partner:
Leonardo Teixeira


Legiti provides the first full service anti-fraud solution with zero chargeback guarantee. In order to build the most effective transactional anti-fraud platform in Latin America, the company relies heavily on state-of-the-art data architecture, serverless applications – in a highly available and scalable environment, and advanced techniques – in data science combined with human intuition.


The company was born out of a few experiences Pedro Sanzovo and Pearson Henri had as consultants trying to help e-commerce handle fraudulent transactions. Soon, it became clear that no solution in the market effectively solved that problem and that Pearson and Pedro had the background to build a product to do just that.

Pedro Henrique Sanzovo, co-founder and CEO. After internships in IBD at Bank of America and strategy consulting at BCG, Pedro went on to work at Palantir as a Deployment Strategist after graduating. During his 3 years at Palantir, Pedro worked in projects in the US and Europe before heading down to Brazil to lead the company’s engagement in Anti-Money Laundering with one of the biggest financial institutions in Latin America. Pedro holds a BSc in Computer Science from Stanford University, with specialization in Human-Computer Interaction.

Pearson Henri, co-founder and CTO. After internships as a software developer at StubHub and Palantir Technologies, Pearson returned to Palantir as a full- time developer in 2015 before switching over to the business side in 2017 as a project Technical Lead. At that position, Pearson led a team of engineers in the engagement between Palantir and a federal government financial regulatory agency until leaving the company in July 2018. Pearson is a Bay Area native with a BSc in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University.

Pedro Henrique Sanzovo, Pearson Henri